Green Smoothies ~ Have you tried them ?

I have to tell all of you about what we’ve been doing to get healthy here at the ML2S household.  I always love to share things that I love with you guys because you are like my extended family.  I was perusing Amazon one night and decided to buy a blender. When I put it in my cart a book popped up that people sometimes buy with the blender I bought (you know how they give you recommendations based on what you’re purchasing).  The book that popped up is called Green Smoothie Revolution .  I ended up buying it because I figured we could use some smoothie recipes and I was using gift cards from Swagbucks so it ended up being free.

When the book arrived I started reading through it and couldn’t believe how beneficial it claimed green smoothies to be.  I decided to give them a try.  They are basically a blend of green leafy veggies like spinach and kale (don’t say yuck yet), fruits and water as a base.  The fruits actually cover the veggie taste and they end up being quite good when you get used to them (not as good as pizza or ice cream, but you know what I mean). If you are just starting out add extra fruit so that you like it.  You will naturally progress to a “greener” smoothie, but give it time.

Honest to God the day after I first tried them I had SO much energy.  It actually took me a little while to fall asleep.  As time has gone by I have noticed more and more benefits to them.  They increase energy, help you lose weight, minimize arthritis side effects, make your hair more thick and bowels regular and the list goes on…

The funny thing is that the twins LOVE them.  I make a pitcher of them every day (varying the ingredients) and we sit down and drink them together.  Olivia loved them from the first drink.  She will usually drink a few cups of it.  Kayla didn’t love them initially, but was always willing to have 1/2 cup or so.  I never forced her, but now she loves them and drinks at least as much as her sister.  I love it that they are getting their veggies and enjoying them.

Fast forward a few months and I have seen the difference that they have made in our lives.  We’ve gotten healthier because of our green smoothies.  We have more energy and I know I feel healthier.  I got my hair cut last week and my regular hairdresser without knowing about the green smoothies asked what I was doing different because my hair was noticeably thicker. I have made them for most of my family.  My brother loves them and always has a pitcher “on ice”.  He is a nurse and works at a nursing home so he is always on his feet.  He can’t believe how much better his feet feel.  He has introduced them to all of the other nurses that he works with. 

Have you tried green smoothies ? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  You can google recipes, but here’s one that I use.  I don’t really measure anything.  I just grab handfuls of this and that.

  • 1 c. baby spinach (uncooked)
  • 1c. kale (uncooked )
  • 10 strawberries
  • juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • 2 c. water

Blend in a mixer until well blended and drink up ! Oh and if you’re gonna try them because of this post let me know what you think and what changes you see.   I’d love to hear.

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  1. Stephanie says

    yes, I love green monsters! A great blog to follow about healthy living is, this is where I first heard about the green monster!

  2. Yvonne says

    I’m always game to try new things. Need to stop at the store for a few groceries tonight and will get the needed items to make a smoothie. How many of these are you drinking a day?

    • Karen says

      Ideally they say to drink a quart a day, but I think anything is better than nothing right ? I usually share a full pitcher with the girls. Let me know what you think and like I said if it tastes too “green” add fruit until you get used to it. You want them to taste good so that you keep drinking them.

  3. Jennifer says

    Hey Karen,

    Any recommendations on what type of apples to use? I’m going to try this smoothie this week and plan on making a big batch. Hopefully the proportions come out right! :)

    • Karen says

      I’ve used red delicious, granny smith and pink lady apples. I would only use 1 to start because while they even out the vegetable taste, if you put in too much apple it tends to make your smoothie too frothy. You’ll see what I mean when you make them. Let me know what you think when you make yours. I’m making a pitcher to have tonight :) Oh, and you can put the peel in and everything. The peel is very nutritious. Also, the tops of strawberries are the most nutritious and we often through them out so next time you’re cutting strawberries for the kids throw the tops in a bag for your next smoothie.

  4. Catherine says

    I tried a green smoothie tonight! I was excited to try it, but had to wait until it was time to go to the grocery store to get some of the ingredients! We all LOVE it…I can’t wait to continue making them and seeing the results you have. Thank you for your blog, I love it. I am fairly new to coupons (started in March) and I have really saved $$$ and my stockpile is growing…yay!!

    • Karen says

      I am SO happy to hear that. You made my day. Just wait and see all of the changes you will notice. The first thing I noticed was increased energy. Please keep me updated on how you are feeling. I am also happy to hear about you coupon success. You are making all of the right changes. I’m proud of you. Healthy AND wealthy- that’s what you’ll be he he!

  5. JM says

    Do you use fresh spinach and kale? or the frozen kind?
    I love smoothies and have been reading about the benefits of adding more alkaline foods to your diet. I’m so much more likely to trust a testimony from the ‘real world’ and not a miracle cure from a diet book! Thanks!

    • Karen says

      I use fresh (organic) kale, spinach and parsley, as well as, fruits (not all of the fruits are organic, just the apples, spinach and kale). I actually just finished 1/2 a pitcher of it. You will honestly not believe the difference it will make for you. I only post about stuff that makes a major change for me personally. When I did them last time I noticed a major increase in energy in the first day. After a few weeks of drinking them I felt less achy. After a few months my hair got fuller. The list goes on… I have several readers who have started drinking them and love the way they feel. When you first start make them a little more fruity until you get used to all of the veggies. They will get more “green” as you go. I use about 1+ 1/2 c of water, big handful of kale, big handful of spinach, 1/2 handful of parsley, lemon juice from one lemon, 5-6 strawberries, 1 banana + 1 organic apple. There are many varieties that you can make. Just Google recipes for green smoothies. You can read testamonials too from people who have had amazing results.

      Just a quick note about them. They are based on the fact that we have 99% genetic compatibility with a chimpanzee (isn’t that something?). These veggies are what chimps eat and they are so healthy. We (humans) don’t get nearly the vitamins that our bodies need. These are supposed to ward off cancer, diabetes ….. Let me know what you think if you try them. I’d be interested to hear.

  6. Lori says

    Karen do you think it would be possible to make these ahead of time like the night before and refrigerate or freeze? I have very limited time in the mornings and I’d like to make these for everybody as breakfast.

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