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Oh, how I love the beginning of a new month.  It feels like a fresh start doesn’t it ?  So, what did you manage to do in February ? Any money saved? Any debt paid off ?  We just started getting back on track a little with me being back to work.  I’m not gonna lie, the last few months have been a struggle, but we’ve managed to keep everything paid on time.  The emergency fund is looking a little under the weather, but we made it through.

I know I’m a major dork, but I spend time reading Dave Ramsey (among other things) for about 45 minutes before bed every night.  It really helps me reflect on our goals and on the day.  Last night I read an awesome passage that I wanted to share with you guys.

He “talked” about how we all give ourselves excuses for not saving money/paying down debt.  We feel the need to treat ourselves with extra goodies (sneakers, shoes, Starbucks coffee, basically whatever) because “we deserve it”.  What we really deserve is a life without the stress of bills and debt.  We tell ourselves that we can’t save money because there just isn’t enough money leftover to save.

He gave a particular example that really struck home with me so of course I feel the need to share.  Here it is:

What would you do if your doctor said that your child needed an operation that would save his/her life? What if this operation would cost $15,000 and would have to take place nine months from today?  Your insurance will NOT cover it and your child will surely die if  they don’t have the surgery.”

Well, the answer of course is that you would find a way wouldn’t you ?  You would work 2 or 3 jobs if necessary slashing your spending to the bare minimum.  You would focus all of your conscious thought on reaching your goal.  You would be tireless in your efforts to be successful.

The point is that if it’s really important for us to accomplish our goal, we must have absolute focused energy on it.   We must set goals to ensure that it happens.  If necessary, we must get a part time job, sell “everything, but the kids” and be absolutely intense.  THAT’S how it’s done.  It’s not easy.  It doesn’t magically happen (unless you win the Powerball- and if you do, don’t forget about me he he).  I have written before about the intensity needed to do this, but I thought this was a great example!

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  1. kellis says

    I can understand we just had to buy a mecial devise for our child $10,000 to maintain her health. I have been really stuggling with keeping positive and have found that couponing really helps a little here and there. So on a nice note I started helping my parents well the fun has worn off to them I’m just a personal shopper with no thought or reguard to what is going on in my home. The say over and over they will help here or there and they need to coupon more then me. They have twice if not 2 1/2 more debt then me and I have a mortgage. Well I have decided not to exhaust me efforts any more and to focus on better things. Your sign says it all. I want to keep my family financially healthy my parents do not, and that is okay. It is not okay for me to be stressed about it and run around catching deals for them. I enjoy my couponing and my daughter loves to see the deals. So with that I’m doing what my family needs not what others want. I can gladly say we are doing well and having deals here and there has helped a great deal when it comes to birhtdays, weddings and showers. Thank you!

    • Karen says

      You are most welcome :) I know what you mean. I struggle with that also. You can lead a horse to water, but… Keep up the great work for your family!

  2. Karen M. says

    Thank you for this post! I have been feeling a bit down and unmotivated about our debt. We’ve kind of hit a plateau (no better/no worse), but just a definite lull. We did find out that we are going to have to pay more than we anticipated for our taxes. We were planning a trip to CA for a friend’s wedding, but with our tax situation, that is not going to happen . We sat down and really evaluated if going to CA was a want or a need. As much as I love my friend, paying for the 5 of us to fly across the country for her wedding is a definite want, as sad as I am to admit that.

    I am def. going to re-read those previous posts and get MOTI VATED!!! We have a major finnacial goal for the end of 2012, so I need to kick our fannies into high gear!

    • kellis says

      There is nothing wrong with buckling down:) It is hard but the truth of it is you will be so much better off financially with less stress. There are times we have had to do that but alteas I will beable to retire and I guess that is when we get to have fun. We earn it now and play later:)
      I think being happy through all of it and looking at what truely is important and making it happen will help us be better people the kind that can give not take.

    • Karen says

      Awww, Karen I read about your trip. I’m sorry it’s not in the cards right now. I hope things get back on track for you. I will say a little prayer. Try to stay motivated because it does help. I’ll be thinking of you :)

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