Debt FREE Paper Chains ~ My Gift to Motivate You !

*Reposting in case you need new ones or are new to my site!

It can be pretty tedious to eliminate your debt and I don’t know about you guys, but I need EVERY motivational tool that I can use.  I promised you guys a FREEbie to help you in your journey and I’ve created something I pray will help out.

I know many of us use paper chains to keep us motivated. I thought it would be fun to have customized paper chains depending on the debt that you are paying off.  For those of you who don’t know what these are, you make a paper chain with a link to represent a certain $ amount.  In other words, if you owed $2600 in credit card debt (or in my case it was $26,000 ~ sheesh), you would have 26 links in your chain and every time you pay off $100 you would rip off a chain.  You will feel motivated as you see your “chain” getting smaller.

I thought different themed paper chains would increase the motivation factor because as you rid yourself of one category of debt, you will be excited to move onto the next set of paper chains.  Am I crazy, or would this help??? I thought of it one night and worked with a designer to create it for you.  You can download them below for free.  They are in color because, for me, that’s the point (motivationally speaking).  If you don’t want to use your color ink you can set your printer options to black and white. There are 4 pages each with 4 strips.  There is a page for credit card debt, car/auto debt, student loans and the mortgage (scroll down when you click on the link below).

I am currently figuring out how to put a link to them on the sidebar so that you have access to them anytime so that you can print your new set when you finish and start your next debt category! Hopefully I will have this done soon, but as I have told you guys, I’m technologically challenged.

Enjoy, and I hope they help you ! After I sell the old house I plan to print out the “mortgage” ones.

Get Your Debt FREE Motivational Paper Chains Here !

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  1. Yvonne says

    Paper chains are super motivating! The debt doesn’t seem so overwhelming when broken up into $100 links. Amazing what can be done to scrape enough money together in order to remove another link!

  2. Karen M. says

    Thanks so much, Karen! Looking forward to printing them when I get new color ink cartridges. I definitely want them in color!

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