My Goals for 2012 ~ How did I do = Not so great !

I love the New Year.  It feels like a fresh start on a brand new me.    If you haven’t done it yet, I encourage you to take a few minutes to jot down some things that you would like to accomplish this year.  I choose to set BIG goals.  That way even if I fall a little short, I’ve still done very well.

I love the saying “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time”.  So true !  Here are my goals from 2012.  Sadly, I didn’t do so well:


Lose weight-  This one is pretty much a New Year’s staple for me, but I really want to focus on this in 2012.

Well, I’ve been on Weight Watchers since the end of May.  The upside is that I’ve lost just over 41 pounds.  This will stay on my list because I’ve got more to lose.

Move More-  This kind of goes along with the first one, but I have noticed since hurting my let that I’m not moving as much and my legs feel weaker.  I ordered a pedometer on Amazon using credits.  I’m going to start tracking my steps every day.  Each day I will make sure that I do more than the day before.

Honestly, I’ve not not a good job with this ! I am vowing to start going to the YMCA at least 4x per week and walk a mile on the treadmill or swim.  I’m starting when the twins go back to school.

 Get Back on the Green Smoothie Bandwagon-  I was religiously drinking them every day and I need to start again.  They are so good for you.  Go here to read my post on them.

I was off and on with this one this past year.  Recently I started drinking them again and am feeling geat !

Be a better mom- The twins will be going to school in September so I want to spend more time each day preparing them for it.  We need to spend even more time doing little educational activities and reading books.

Well, it was a roller coaster ride of a year.  We had to let our babysitter go in June instead of September as planned.  We ended up sending the girls to “little girl school” for the summer.  It was the BEST thing that could have happended looking back.  It gave them a chance to try out their social skills before starting Kindergarten.   We did do a lot of extra things together over the summer.  They started out a little rough in Kindergarten (mostly Kayla), but are now starting to feel more comfortable.

Be a better wife-  My husband and I plan to make more time for dates and other special things for us as a couple.  It’s so easy to get busy with the kids and work and forget about time for us.  We have to remember that we are the primary relationship and it has to be nourished. It’s always been hard for me to spend the $ on baby sitter and date night, but I’m learning to include it in the budget.

This goal continues to be a struggle for us.  We need to have one of my nieces come over and earn a few $$ so we can go out for awhile.  I know it’s important for us as a couple, but it doesn’t seem to be happening unless Ro takes a day off from work and we have a date day.


Sell our old house ~ It’s been a huge struggle having two mortgages.  Especially with me being out of work for 2 months.  It’s taken a hit for sure.  I should be going back to work this week or next week so we should be able to build it back up again. Selling our old house will really help too.


WE DID IT !  I did a lot of work getting the house ready for the market, but it sold within two weeks of being listed.  It was a really long settlement, which wasn’t great on the budget.  Settlement wasn’t until May, so it’s taken me a little time to get back on track.

Get the girl’s college funds started- We made the decision to pay off all of our non-mortgage debt before starting the college funds.  We figured that the interest we would be paying on the debt was MUCH higher than the little bit of interest we’d earn in the college funds.  This year will be the starting point. They are only 4 so we should be okay.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but didn’t !  This has to happen this year.  I had cashed out our change and had it all set to deposit, but didn’t do it.  Shame on me.  It’s on the list for early 2013.

Start and Fully fund our Roth IRAs for the year- Again, we decided to pay off debt before starting IRAs.  Since the debt (besides the mortgage(s) ) is now gone, it’s time to invest in our retirement.  This is a big goal since you can put $5,000 each into a Roth each year.  We may not be able to swing the whole $5,000 each, but I thought we should aim high.

Again, should have done it, but something always came up especially since we had the two mortgages until May.  I’m hoping to get it together this year although we me not working we probably can’t swing $5,000 each (the full amount you can deposit).

Purchase additional life insurance-  We both have policies through our work, but we would like to get larger policies just for peace of mind. *Please note, if I suddenly go missing make sure the police check out the big guy as he will be the beneficiary he he!

Again, I’m ashamed to admit it and Suze Orman (and Dave Ramsey) would have a fit, but we currently only have Ro’s life insurance policy through work.  I promise you that I will be getting this taken care of next week because I did have a nice policy at work, but since I’m not currently working (since late October), I currently don’t have any life insurance.  We do all have great medical coverage through Ro, but the life insurance is Job #1 in the New Year !

Well, that was a sobering look at my progress.  I have to do better in 2013.  At least we sold the house and I lost a good chunk of weight.  I have oh so far to go !  How about you ?  How did you do this year on your goals ?  Do you have your goals figured out for this coming year ?

Here is a post  that I wrote last year about setting goals. 


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  1. Emily says

    Those a great starting points and I think you didn’t do too bad with most of them. While we get side tracked with a lot of stuff it is easy to say “I’ll get to that tomorrow” but then just like the day “tomorrow” never comes.

    Most of my goals and plans happen to be geared toward weight loss also. I am the heaviest weight I’ve ever been not pregnant and I used to be a lot smaller. When my mom died almost 4 yrs ago I let myself go and not in a good way. I need to buckle down, beacuse she is not coming back and she would not want to see me like this. She wanted me to be healthy and lower my risk for developing diseases like cancer which is what killed her.

    On the financial side of things I plan to have most of our Credit Card debt paid off by the end of the year. We still have a few things that come out automatically on them and I need to move them over to our regular account so that we can truely get them paid off. Once we do that we can focus on getting enough money put together to get out of our current house hopefully with out having to go into short sale.

  2. Jackie says

    what a great post…I seriously need to sit down and write one so that I can focus on some serious goals. The only debt we have is a van, my student loans and a mortgage…while I would love to focus on paying them off, I also am focusing on savings accounts for our children (my goal was $1000 a year but we have not been able to do that, but every little bit helps. I also wanted to put $5000 in our IRA this year but that can not happen either because I need to build up our emergency fund again after paying our property taxes).

  3. Amanda says

    Thank you for this post! I’ve decided to write mine down and post them on the wall somewhere or in my kitchen in my daily sight. I did not do that last year and my resolutions fell by the wayside. I planned to get organized but just didn’t have the money to do what I wanted. I have slowly been able to get things organized with what I’ve had on hand and my entire house is a work in progress…..ever changing and rearranging. We didn’t stay on budget throughout the summer due to my pregnancy not going as planned. I became unable to really function much less drive due to my back for the last 6 weeks so I couldn’t do my grocery shopping. Which meant my husband did our shopping which turned into hundreds more dollars spent and more meals ordered from the local pizza place….lol. Which sucked our money right down the drain….hubby doesn’t know how to budget shop….closest store and whatever he feels like…lol! My goals for this year are to get organized, hopefully pay off all our debt so we can start saving for a down payment to buy the house we are living in (so we won’t pay rent anymore! :) ), get my hubby on the same financial page (just started reading Dave Ramsey’s book with him!), save money on gifts (and get them in the mail on time!!!), and keep doing Insanity (I’m almost to my goal weight!) Happy New Year to you Karen and everyone!

  4. Yvonne says

    I love your year in review. You might not have accomplished everything you wanted, but you still did awesome. Life threw you several curve balls and you tackled them well.
    We sadly missed our goal of being debt free by 12/12/12. We also faced multiple hurdles, which caused significant loss of income. Other hurdles (very costly home maintenance) caused our snowball to fall short of the needed amt to reach our goal. Still, I look back and am ever so thankful that God watched over us and we still made progress.
    My goals are slightly adjusted for 2013. Number one is that we intend to tithe 10% of our gross income. This has weighed heavily on our hearts for quite some time. It will be a leap of faith, but we feel it is what we are called to do. Like many others, I also intend to keep working at becoming healthier with diet and exercise. As for our remaining debt, providing no major hurdles, we should see it gone by the end of 2013. Wishing everyone a safe, prosperous, healthy and happy New Year!

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