March 21st ~ What Have YOU Done to Get Debt FREE ?




One of the biggest reasons for creating MommyLuvs2save was to create a community of moms and dads who want to help their family save money when buying essentials in order to free up money for debt repayment. My own family has paid off over $111,500 in consumer debt including credit cards, student loan debt and 2 vehicles. I am a teacher at heart. I want to use the skills that I have learned to help YOU ditch debt. I want to encourage each of you in your efforts so that one day you can feel the freedom of being debt free. I’m not quite there yet either (we still have a mortgage) so I need encouragement as well :)

It can be very difficult to pay down debt. There are many temptations to spend money. We live in a culture that encourages debt and spending. In addition, expenses come up and there never seems to be any extra money for paying down debt. I want to urge each of you to participate in a challenge. Just leave a comment about one positive step you’ve taken for your family each day. Did you eat in instead of going out? Did you save money at the grocery store? Did you pay extra on your credit card? Leave a comment below and we will cheer one another on every day and every step of the way.

The challenge is to leave a comment about what YOU have done to work on getting debt free each day. One winner will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card at the end of each month. To participate in the challenge you must comment on at least 10 posts during the month.

* I will also be sharing my progress from the day prior.

My Progress:    My first stop of the day was to pick up some items from my Freecycle friend.  There was a big, new bottle of Dreft that I’m going to give my nephew and his wife at their baby shower at the end of the month.  I have other gifts for them, so it’s just a little something extra.  There were a bunch of soups, corn, cereal, pasta, a new rainbow loom that the girls went crazy over and a few other things.  I plan to share the food with some family because money is a little tight for them.  I spent most of the rest of the day with my mom so that my dad could go to work.  It was a NO spend day. 

I made all meals at home.  The mail included 2 free magazines and junk mail.  I got some FREEbie offers on apps on my phone.  A free slurpee offer from Turkey Hill, free coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts and the free perfume mist at Bath & Body Works.  I plan on redeeming some of those tomorrow.  I have a Bath & Body Works gift card that I earned awhile back for free, so I’ll take that and get something small and pickup the freebie. I think I’m going to have myself a frugal Friday.  I’m going to go out and deal shop with $5 in my pocket and see how far that gets me.  Maybe I’ll post a pic of what I’m able to get with $5 and coupons ha ha !

What did you do? Leave a comment We’d love to hear about it :) You could make 2014 your year. Who will the March winner be ? We’ll see…

Karen Young from mommyluvs2save.comI am a mom who has paid off $111,500 in debt in less than 4 years by saving money at the stores and putting all of our extra $ on debt. Subscribe to my FREE Daily Newsletter so that you can get my free updates and NEVER miss a deal. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Tara says

    I’d love to see a picture of your $5 finds! I think that stuff is so fun. Tonight is Friday fun night which used to mean we’d go out to dinner even if we didn’t have the money because we work hard and we deserve it. Tonight we are eating frozen pizzas that I picked up for 70 cents each and watching Frozen that I got for free.

  2. Amanda says

    I bet you could get a lot for $5! I went to Walmart yesterday which is ALWAYS a bad thing! LOL! I only picked up things we needed but still spent around $82. Although about $32 was letting the kids each pick out a toy with their birthday money that I promptly put in our money jars and used my card to buy said toys. We have 2 money jars…a 52 week ($1) money challenge jar and a double ($2) money challenge jar. So far we’ve done great with them and my goal for the smaller one is to use the $1,378 for our Christmas fund and hopefully have some left over. The goal for the double one, $2,756 is to use to payoff bills at the end of the year. That on top of what we budget every month and hopefully will be able to pay off this summer should get us almost debt free by the end of the year. I am hoping to start a $5 money challenge next month that would give us the down payment on this house. Not a big one but paying off debt is my ultimate goal and our landlord (my step-dad) said he is willing to continue our lease as long as we need to, but I’d love to do it next spring if possible because believe it or not we will be paying the same amount of money for a 15 year mortgage as we are paying for rent :(.

  3. christy says

    We had a great day at the water park, the boys and friend talked(begged) me into hamburgers for lunch, Hubby and I got salads(a break from our green juices). It came to $43. The kids ate(ravished) all the snacks I packed on the way home in the car.
    I rationalized this expense because it was a birthday and amazed that I had this much cash in my waller..before this journey I just would have charged it.

    We got another bid on blinds. He gave me 15% off. I asked the magical question, “Is this price the best you can do” He took another $300 off the final bid. I was amazed.
    Just waiting for our refund check..still a mystery of the amount.

  4. Brittany says

    I think I would have so much fun doing a shopping trip like that! Yesterday I got to order some fabric I’ve been eyeing for a couple years now to make myself a skirt for Easter. I completely scored on a site having an anniversary sale, getting 2yards shipped for less than 1 yard from another site. Also ordered Hannah’s backpack for school next year (what!) with a promo deal I got from Land’s End. It was just over $20, but if it holds up like Conner’s, it’ll last her a good 3-4 years, which I count as a good investment. Plus, I’d like to take it to Disney for “her” bag. Sold a couple items I’ve had for sale.

  5. Lll says

    All meals home, I would love to see a regular post on $5 fridays. Reminds of that shiw Rachel Ray used do on eating oit.

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