April 27th ~ What Have YOU Done to Get Debt FREE ?


One of the biggest reasons for creating MommyLuvs2save was to create a community of moms and dads who want to help their family save money when buying essentials in order to free up money for debt repayment. My own family has paid off over $111,500 in consumer debt including credit cards, student loan debt and 2 vehicles. I am a teacher at heart. I want to use the skills that I have learned to help YOU ditch debt. I want to encourage each of you in your efforts so that one day you can feel the freedom of being debt free. I’m not quite there yet either (we still have a mortgage) so I need encouragement as well :)

It can be very difficult to pay down debt. There are many temptations to spend money. We live in a culture that encourages debt and spending. In addition, expenses come up and there never seems to be any extra money for paying down debt. I want to urge each of you to participate in a challenge. Just leave a comment about one positive step you’ve taken for your family each day. Did you eat in instead of going out? Did you save money at the grocery store? Did you pay extra on your credit card? Leave a comment below and we will cheer one another on every day and every step of the way.

The challenge is to leave a comment about what YOU have done to work on getting debt free each day. One winner will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card at the end of each month. To participate in the challenge you must comment on at least 10 posts during the month.

* I will also be sharing my progress from the day prior.

My Progress:  We had a decent day yesterday.  We didn’t do much during the day.  We were having an issue with our Ipad.  We took a ride over to the Apple store.  Luckily it was under warranty, so they ordered the part to fix it.  The girls had a birthday party to go to for Kayla’s little BFF.  I ran into BJ’s and picked up a few groceries while the girls were at their bowling party.  They ate dinner there.  Ro and I ate leftovers.  We invited my parents over today for our first lunch barbeque of the season. 

I watched Suze Orman last night.  She said something cool that I wanted to share.  She said that budgets are like diets because they leave you feeling deprived and don’t get the job done long term.  She said you need to get a bigger thrill from saving money than you do from spending money.  I think that’s SO true.  I get such a rush out of checking out the mortgage statement every month to see how much it went down.  It does get to be so much fun.  I did all of the drugstore deals while watching Suze.  I earned 87 Swagbucks, which barely helped me to reach my first goal.  I was happy with that. I checked in on my Ebay items.  There are bids on 3/5 of the items.  There are still a few days left, which is when things typically “heat up”. 

What did you do? Leave a comment We’d love to hear about it :) You could make 2014 your year.  Who will the April winner be ? We’ll see…

Karen Young from mommyluvs2save.comI am a mom who has paid off $111,500 in debt in less than 4 years by saving money at the stores and putting all of our extra $ on debt. Subscribe to my FREE Daily Newsletter so that you can get my free updates and NEVER miss a deal. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Lll says

    all meals home. clipped coupons. entered kelloggs,buggies and pampers reward codes. cashed in pamper rewards for a shopping cart to put away for bday gift. entered receipts into savings catcher.
    pulled out more items for goodwill.
    picked up some fresh items at grocer as well as a few sale items for pantry.

  2. Emily says

    We had a birthday party yesterday so all meals were free but not at home. Today I am taking the birthday girl out for a snack and letting her pick a book at a book store. I gave her 2 “coupons” for days out like this for xmas last year but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to get her out for it. She just turned 11 and I want to start developing a relationship with her because I remember how helpful it was for me to have adults I felt comfortable with talking to when I didn’t want to talk to my parents, I think it helped keep me out of trouble as a teenager so I want to extend the same to her.

    • christy says

      I have had mentors for my girls, they meet with them once a week. Its awesome. One is a friend of mine that is great with teens, the other is a friend’s daughter in law studying to be a social worker. I think its a great idea.

  3. says

    Yesterday was a no spend day. Our weather wasn’t all that great so instead of working outside, I worked inside. Hit both my swag goals and requested a $25 Pay Pal deposit.

  4. Margaret says

    Expensive day yesterday. Ran around like crazy for the kids. All meals out. But did have a wonderful crazy day!

  5. christy says

    Watched Suzy and an episode of Fixing the Money Thing.
    Picked up a prescription, used my flex spend medical card to cover the expense.
    Got a $10 Target gift card in the mail from Ebates.
    All meals at home.
    got a call from renter roof is leaking again.(had it patched 2 years ago)
    Do we put a new roof before selling it next summer? that is at the question(20k) I think it will help sell it Hubby thinks we won’t recoup the cost.

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