How to Have a Successful Garage Sale!

Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute a good yard sale.  If you have any additional tips don’t hesitate to add it in the comments section:

1.  Collect Items ~ Put a box in your garage (or wherever) and collect items for your sale a month or two before the yard sale.  This helps you plan ahead and obtain more quality items for your sale.

2.  Price Your Items Right ~ Make sure that in your haste to make money you’re not pricing things too high.  Think “garage sale prices”.  What would you be happy to pay for each item? Make sure you price each item so that it will be easier on the day of the sale.  The dollar store and Walmart sell price stickers.

3.  Pick a Good Location ~ If your house in a mile down a country road and you never see cars go by, it’s a good chance your garage sale will not turn out well.  Maybe you could ask a relative or friend if he/she would be willing to let you have a sale at their house?  It’s worth asking.

4.  Advertise Your Sale ~ Be sure to put up a good amount of signs with arrows leading to your house.  Do a drive to see if you can read the writing on your own signs.  You’d be surprised at how many signs that I pass that I can’t see the words from my car.  Studies show (and yes, they do study these things) that bright neon pink signs with black marker do the best job of attracting attention ! Don’t get too wordy with the signs (Date, Time, Address).  You can also use clear contact paper over your sign to protect it if there is rain before the day of the sale.  Consider advertising in a FREE newspaper.  You can also advertise for FREE on Craigslist.  I have done this before and had good results.

5.  Turn it into a Multi Family Sale ~  Ask if some of your neighbors are interested in having a garage sale the same day.  You will attract many more visitors if you are having a multi-family sale.

6.  Get the Whole Family Involved ~ You can have the kids put out some of their own things or set up a lemonade and cookie sale.  It’s fun for them if they’re involved + you can teach them valuable lessons about making money.  You can also bring the grill out front and have hubby sell hot dogs.  They are a huge money maker at garage sales.  People are so busy going from sale to sale that they don’t take the time out to eat.  Sell hot dogs for $1 each.  If you buy a case of them, you will make quite a bit of cash.

7.  Have Fun ~  Make it fun!

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