May 6th ~ What Have YOU Done to Get Debt FREE ?


One of the biggest reasons for creating MommyLuvs2save was to create a community of moms and dads who want to help their family save money when buying essentials in order to free up money for debt repayment. My own family has paid off over $111,500 in consumer debt including credit cards, student loan debt and 2 vehicles. I am a teacher at heart. I want to use the skills that I have learned to help YOU ditch debt. I want to encourage each of you in your efforts so that one day you can feel the freedom of being debt free. I’m not quite there yet either (we still have a mortgage) so I need encouragement as well :)

It can be very difficult to pay down debt. There are many temptations to spend money. We live in a culture that encourages debt and spending. In addition, expenses come up and there never seems to be any extra money for paying down debt. I want to urge each of you to participate in a challenge. Just leave a comment about one positive step you’ve taken for your family each day. Did you eat in instead of going out? Did you save money at the grocery store? Did you pay extra on your credit card? Leave a comment below and we will cheer one another on every day and every step of the way.

The challenge is to leave a comment about what YOU have done to work on getting debt free each day. One winner will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card at the end of each month. To participate in the challenge you must comment on at least 10 posts during the month.

* I will also be sharing my progress from the day prior.

My Progress:  I had a decent day yesterday.  I got the girls on the bus and then headed out to do a little grocery shopping.  My sister stopped over for one of my Orange Skinny Creamsicles.  They are pretty good and have 3 metabolism boosters in them. 

I got most of what we need for the week at the grocery store and I spent $56.  We have food in the freezer and pantry that I plan to incorporate into our menu this week. It was Cinco de Mayo yesterday, so I decided to make a big taco salad with tortilla chips for dinner.  I paid a few of our utilities yesterday.  I also did a bunch of de-cluttering.  Sometimes I feel like we’re drowning in paper around here and I need to go through it.  I entered the free Pampers and Kellogg’s rewards points that I posted about.

I earned over 200 Swagbucks yesterday because of the extra codes they gave out.  Swagbucks posted the monthly bonus awards yesterday and I earned an extra 631 Swagbucks for April.  I made all meals at home.  I arranged a mystery shopping lunch for my hubby and I in a few weeks.  I ordered a few free samples online.  I deposited a little money in the girl’s 529 college plans.  I earned 20 Bing points.  I also found out that every Tuesday in May you will be able to earn double points for searches.  I am on my way to earning 500 more Swagbucks from Bing.

What did you do? Leave a comment We’d love to hear about it :) You could make 2014 your year.  Who will the May winner be ? We’ll see…

Karen Young from mommyluvs2save.comI am a mom who has paid off $111,500 in debt in less than 4 years by saving money at the stores and putting all of our extra $ on debt. Subscribe to my FREE Daily Newsletter so that you can get my free updates and NEVER miss a deal. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Emily says

    I forgot to bring my tomato plants in last night, I hope we didn’t have a frost. I cannot find where to see if we did or not so I’m just going to have to keep my fingers crossed. I cleared out the patch for the blueberries then C and I took a trip to the old house to get the tomato pots and my necklace chain from the outlets in lancaster. We stopped on the way back to visit a friend at work and apparently she was having a bad day so it was good for her to see us. I’m going to spend more time in the garden again today getting the front part of the house looking nicer and probably get some more unpacking done. Have to run out at some point for diapers because we are almost out.

  2. Brittany says

    Yesterday’s only spending was the $8 I spent on 2 packages of diapers at Walgreen’s and the $40 check to the pest control company–a necessity here! I made $20 selling random stuff around the house–decided to just post everything for $5 each since I didn’t really care and just want it cleaned out! Cleaned and organized as much more as I could.

  3. christy says

    Went surfing for exercise. Then got frustrated with my won’t print keeps saying that the “printer head” needs replaced..I don’t know what that means plus I bought a $100 worth of ink for the thing a few months ago.
    Im impressed and inspired by your swagbucks.
    Bought a 25lb bag of brown rice at Costco..made Korean beef and rice for dinner.
    Watched Fixing the Money Thing..he is on a great series right now,
    Refused temptation to buy Starbucks.

  4. Tara says

    I think my fellow savers will enjoy this story of how I am saving today :) My six year old needs to wear GoodNights for a bed wetting problem. I have always tried to not mention it much to him because I didn’t want him to feel bad, but they are so expensive–especially in the larger sizes. I finally decided to delicately ask him to try a few nights without them. Maybe if he felt his bed get wet he would be more aware. He told me he is aware when he goes he just doesn’t want to get out of bed. We have now cut them out for two weeks and he is fine. We cut that expense out and I’m thrilled, but I wonder how long I bought those things and we didn’t need them.

  5. says

    Worked yesterday and had a no spend day. Learned that the last store in our area that was still doubling coupons is going to stop doing so. Bummed about that one as our grocery bill will increase as a result of that change. Earned 162 swagbucks, which was decent considering I was away from home for 10 hours.

    • Karen says

      That’s a major bummer. I guest most stores will eventually. I hope not :( That’s a good SB total for being gone for so long !

      • says

        You aren’t kidding! I think the store (Krogers) will lose some business over it. The only reason I shopped there was because they doubled coupons. Without that, Krogers is way more expensive than other stores like Walmart.

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