May 7th ~ What Have YOU Done to Get Debt FREE ?


One of the biggest reasons for creating MommyLuvs2save was to create a community of moms and dads who want to help their family save money when buying essentials in order to free up money for debt repayment. My own family has paid off over $111,500 in consumer debt including credit cards, student loan debt and 2 vehicles. I am a teacher at heart. I want to use the skills that I have learned to help YOU ditch debt. I want to encourage each of you in your efforts so that one day you can feel the freedom of being debt free. I’m not quite there yet either (we still have a mortgage) so I need encouragement as well :)

It can be very difficult to pay down debt. There are many temptations to spend money. We live in a culture that encourages debt and spending. In addition, expenses come up and there never seems to be any extra money for paying down debt. I want to urge each of you to participate in a challenge. Just leave a comment about one positive step you’ve taken for your family each day. Did you eat in instead of going out? Did you save money at the grocery store? Did you pay extra on your credit card? Leave a comment below and we will cheer one another on every day and every step of the way.

The challenge is to leave a comment about what YOU have done to work on getting debt free each day. One winner will be chosen to win a $25 Amazon gift card at the end of each month. To participate in the challenge you must comment on at least 10 posts during the month.

* I will also be sharing my progress from the day prior.

My Progress:  I had a pretty uneventful day yesterday, but I got a lot accomplished.  I didn’t really even leave the house.  Instead, I got lots done at home and on the website.  I am still fine tuning things with the developer, but we’re almost done so I hope you like it. We have a few more things to ad today.   We worked on the contact page yesterday, so it should be even easier for you guys to get ahold of me whenever you want.  Go ahead and give it a try by clicking on the “Let’s Talk-Contact” icon.  I’d love to hear from you (plus, I can make sure it’s working properly-ha ha). 

I earned 156 Swagbucks, which was only 6 SB’s over my second goal, but hey I’ll take it.  I made all meals at home.  I spent some time on the treadmill AND elliptical in the morning.  I had taken a teensy break from exercising and it actually felt good to get back into it. I’ve lost 20 pounds since the end of February, so it was easier than the last time I did it.  Don’t be too impressed though because my total exercise was only 25 minutes, but it was 25 more minutes than I did the day before ha ha.

I bought a deal on Living Social to save on getting our duct work cleaned out.  I only paid $35 and it will include the dryer vent and the heating/air conditioning vents throughout the house.   I’m sure they’ll come and there will be something that isn’t covered because that’s usually how it goes, but it was still cheaper than calling a random company.  I listed a few items on Ebay last night and went out to the garage to organize my stockpile.  These girls of mine get into it every once in awhile, so it needed straightening.  Ahhh, all better now :)

What did you do? Leave a comment We’d love to hear about it :) You could make 2014 your year.  The winner of the WHYD contest for April was Tara (drewand…).  Congrats Tara !  Who will the May winner be ? We’ll see…

Karen Young from mommyluvs2save.comI am a mom who has paid off $111,500 in debt in less than 4 years by saving money at the stores and putting all of our extra $ on debt. Subscribe to my FREE Daily Newsletter so that you can get my free updates and NEVER miss a deal. Thanks for visiting!


  1. says

    Had a lot of errands to run yesterday. I will say that I’m loving getting much better gas mileage with my new (to me) car. Resisted the urge to eat out and stuck to my list at the store. Earned just enough swagbucks to hit my first goal.

  2. Amanda says

    Hubby was gone to Colorado all weekend but took yesterday off to hang out with us. It was great. Ran to Walmart to get some burgers and buns and milk for the week. Made dinner at home and talked finances. We have a few big purchases to make and planned out exactly how we would do it. Spent the afternoon letting the kids play outside.

  3. Emily says

    All meals at home, it was a leftover night. Ran to target after dinner and found out the baby monitor I wanted is on price cut so I saved $10 on that, its a 2-way monitor so we can talk to C once he’s finally in his own room. We finished clearing out the weeds that I wanted to get rid of out front and Dh mowed the yard. I will probably plant some easy flowers out there once we have some $. Today we’re getting pics done with the cousins to give to MIL for mom’s day. I also have some pants at the tailor that I have to pick up.

  4. christy says

    Whew, busy debt busting day. Transferred my high interest cc to a 0% for 18 months. The balance just was not budging every month. I will close that cc down as soon as it processes. Now all payments will reduce balance. yea!
    Did a survey,signed up for samples, added my coke rewards, read “retirement millionaire” newsletter. Saved 43% @ safeway with coupons, including a free rice milk. Noticed Safeway stock has soared this last year. Excited to dig out of this hole and be free to invest!
    Got 2 American Eagle flip flops for my boys for a total of $6.28(for both) shipped plus .12c back on ebates.
    Worked on friends yard, she is going to pay me $40/mo.

  5. Lll says

    cleaned out fridge, thoroughly disgusted with the amount of leftovers i threw out. striving to be better on this!
    all meals home. packed lunches.
    updated saving star and Kroger digital coupons.
    made small bowl of fruit for teacher, from what i had in freezer, resisted buying fresh. she thanked me for the great lunch.( frozen pineapple, cherries, blueberries from costco)
    worked on paper mache basket to put her flowers in for today. got flowers on sale at Michaels last week, used a leftover gift card.

  6. Margaret says

    Had to buy baby shower gift but did get target red card discount. Dinner out was expensive.

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