What are you waiting for ? There’s still time !


I can’t believe it’s the beginning of May ! Where has the year gone ?  How are your New Years goals coming along ? Hmmm, mine could be better, but they could be worse.  I’m plugging along on both the debt and weight loss goals.  I saw the quote above and it reminded me of something my mom used to say (before her stroke when she could speak).  When I was faced with a decision that seemed difficult at the time she would say “What would you do if you took fear out of the equation ?”

We all know that getting out of debt is a tough proposition.  It involves telling yourself NO a lot !  Sometimes you feel incredibly discouraged like no matter what you do the debt isn’t going to go away.  It really stinks when you finally get a little money in savings and BOOM !, your car dies (for example) and you are forced to buy another one quickly (like poor Yvonne).  I just want to encourage you and tell you that you CAN do this.  It takes time and a lot of effort, but it can be done.

I’m not totally debt free YET.  We still have a mortgage, but we’ve ditched the car payments, credit cards and student loans and it is SO freeing already.  I long to be mortgage free, but that’s going to take some time and I have to continue to be patient.

What’s the weight loss saying ? “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”? Well as far as debt goes – “No purchase you make will ever feel as good as being debt free !”  Now obviously some purchases have to be made like the mortgage, utilities, food and other necessities.   I’m talking about “shop ’til you drop” trips to the mall.  Oh and just so you know I’m not innocent in this regard.  I have plenty of items that I’d just love to run out and buy.  I did even admit the other day to buying an item at  Pier 1 Imports.  It was on sale, but I didn’t even have a coupon (gasp!).  I just want to encourage each of you to really try your best to make your debt free dreams come true.

How much do you think/hope you can pay off by the end of 2014 ?!  It’s not to late to get it in gear.  We can all celebrate together on New Years Eve and toast to our successful 2014 !

Karen Young from mommyluvs2save.comI am a mom who has paid off $111,500 in debt in less than 4 years by saving money at the stores and putting all of our extra $ on debt. Subscribe to my FREE Daily Newsletter so that you can get my free updates and NEVER miss a deal. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Margaret says

    Thank you for always encouraging us! My son and I started couch to 5k this week. He obviously runs circles around me but he is really encouraging me to keep going.

    • Karen says

      You’re welcome. Congrats on doing the couch to 5k. Wow, that’s encouraging – keep at it :)

  2. says

    Thanks for the encouraging words. They were just what I needed to hear! It was a little frustrating taking such a hit with needing another vehicle, but we will still keep plugging away at this.

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