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Thanks for stopping by! I am a busy mom of twin just turned 7  year old girls.  My hubby and I have been on a journey to get debt free for the past 7+  years. During this time period we have managed to pay off over $125,000 in debt including 2 expensive vehicles, almost $30,000 in credit card debt and a $31,000 student loan.

I am a couponer and deal seeker. I put all of the money that I save towards our debt.  I love to show other families  how to save money on groceries and other everyday expenses and how to apply your savings towards paying off your family’s debt.  Go on over here to sign up for my newsletter so that you never miss a deal.  Be sure to check out my daily column “What Have You Done to Get Debt FREE” to read about what steps I take every day to get and stay debt free.  Read the comments from wonderful readers who have started their own journey as well.  We are a great little community of people who are destined to get DEBT FREE !

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